Prima Worktops 

If you’re looking for a kitchen as beautiful as it is long-lasting, the Formica Prima® Collection of 34 worktops and ten feature splashbacks offer style and simplicity. 
From light woods through to warm stones and solid colours, this captivating suite of designs works with every kitchen space, bringing the latest trends and tastes into the hub of your home. 
Every worktop is 38mm thick with a tight curved edge. The collection is perfectly sized with worktops available in 4.1m and 3m lengths, with matching splashbacks and upstands also available. Each one of the five stunning textures has been selected for each worktop, providing the tactility and authenticity that perfectly enhances each design. 
Whatever your Prima® worktop, there’s a splashback available to match. So the option of creating a seamless look is enticingly easy. 
Each of our 34 matching splashbacks are available in 1210mm heights, adding unprecedented functionality, luxury and style to your fresh, new kitchen. 
We have matching upstands available to complete a seamless finish for your worktop. Available as 4100mm lengths, 100mm height and 20mm thickness. 

Product Availability For Colours Below 

3000 x 600 x 40 
4100 x 600 x 40 
4100 x 670 x 40 
4100 x 900 x 40 
4100 x 100 x 20  
4100 x 1210 x 6 
All tops can also be fabricated to any sizes required. Send all enquiries to 
Amber Kashmir 
FP6227 Etchings 48 
Beech Butcherblock 
FP4615 Matte 58 
Black Fleck 
FP5013 Crystal 
Black Granite 
FP2699 Crystal 
Breccia Paradiso 
FP3457 Etchings 48 
Calacatta Marble 
FP3460 Matte 58 
Charcoal Riverstone 
FP8369 Glisten. 
Crema Mascarello 
FP3422 Etchings 48 
Diamond Black 
FP2253 Matte 58 
Ferro Grafite 
FP9483 Etchings 48 
Grey Chalkstone 
FP8371 Honed Ceramic 
Grey Riverstone 
FP5941 Matte 58. 
Ice Quarstone 
FP5212 Ardesia 
Jet Sequoia 
FP3476 Ardesia 
Lava Dust 
FP1936 Crystal 
Limed Wood 
FP8375 Parchment 
Marbled Cappuccino 
FP9482 Etchings 48 
Marfil Antico 
FP9478 Etchings 48 
Marfil Cream 
FP9477 Etchings 48 
Marmara Cream 
FP8368 Ardesia 
Moon Caststone 
FP5943 Matte 58 
Natural Blocked Walnut 
FP0215 Matte 58 
Planked Concrete 
FP8378 Ardesia 
Raw Planked Wood 
FP5940 Woodland 
Red Riverstone 
FP8377 Matte 58 
Rural Oak 
FP8853 Matte 58 
Silver Caststone 
FP5942 Matte 58 
Smoke Quarstone 
FP6220 Ardesia 
Smokey Planked Walnut 
FP7411 Woodland 
Stained Planked Wood 
FP5939 Woodland 
FP1340 Matte 58 
White Bardiglio 
FP9306 Ardesia 
White Portland 
FP8383 Ardesia 
FP0193 Matte 58 
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